cold steel 28-inch cold steel boomerang throwing stick,

Weight 0.64 lbs
Dimensions 28.50 × 6.00 × 0.25 in

Cold, Steel





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Product details
A hunting tool or sports equipment, it will not return when thrown. The use of these throwing stick dates back several years, especially for hunting purposes.
Its thickness is about 0.50 inches with a height of 28inches. It is common and carried around by users, it weighs just approximately 12 ounces making it a light weapon or utility equipment.
The blade is of crystalline material produced from propene. Its composition makes it resistant to elements that can cause rust.
It is designed with a longitudinal arrangement Of wood fibre pattern having a similarity with a fingerprint design. Beyond its aesthetic value is the body, it is less permeable to water, offering durability that will last long.
The boomerang throw stick is very much suitable on hunting expedition to hit targets at long range, sometimes when thrown expertly, it will make a curve flight towards a target.
The cold steel company is a pioneer knife manufacturing company, committed to the making of sharp knives, strong machete and throwing stick like the Boomerang stick. With decades of consistency in production, the cold steel company has carved a niche to make it trusted.

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