Cold Steel 6.25 inches Head Viking Hand Axe

Weight 2.16 lbs
Dimensions 30.55 × 6.85 × 1.85 in

Cold, Steel





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Product Description
This product is an ancient style combination of the uniqueness of Thompson, Baker and Rich McDonalds
This product comes with a firm 30″ American Hickory Handle, and additional wide and extremely sharp cutting edge. It has a hooking beard and up-swept thrusting horn to combine to make a sturdy fighting ax that would be the pride of whichever Viking’s collection. Importantly, the ax has a cur- ex sheath which is sold separately.
This product has an overall length of 30″, a 1055 carbon steel material, an handle length of 30″. This ax weighs one pound and has a package weight of 1.95 pounds.
As regards our knives and Blades: We remain behind our items 100%. They are subjected to the best making them impeccable. It can also be warranted that this item is liberated from absconds in workmanship and materials. This guarantee doesn’t cover typical mileage, resharpening, harm brought about by abuse, absence of ordinary upkeep, or dismantling. Keep in mind, anything can break or fall flat if subject to adequate maltreatment. So kindly don’t utilize this item improperly. No blade or sword ought to be utilized as a hatchet, ax, screwdriver or prybar.
Swings fast, can sharpen up sharp quickly to take out rock dings, surprisingly good brush lawn mower that will not wear you out too fast it is a lightweight fast chopper. Indeed, a very quality hand ax.

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