Cold Steel 8.5 inches Head War Hawk Tomahawk Axe with Polymer Handle

Weight 2.02 lbs
Dimensions 20.40 × 10.80 × 1.60 in

Cold, Steel





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Product Description
This material combines the skillful design and material used in the popular trench hawk along with sturdy elements and designs from ancient war hand axes. This is a modern tool as it incorporates a curved reinforced reversed tanto styled spike, also with a wide ax head. Each of these products is provided with an internally articulated secure ex-sheath.
This product comes with amazing features including, a blade length of 8.50 inches, an overall length of 19 inches, a 1055 blade material, a handle material made of polymer, comes with a complete polymer sheath, weight of 1lb, 9.90 oz.
These kinds of products have a notoriety all through the world for being solid, sharp and incredibly strong. At the point when you buy a hatchet or tomahawk from Cold Steel, you’re purchasing more than only “a hatchet”, you’re putting resources into a dependable instrument you can rely on to be there when you need it. Highlighted in various network shows and films, These kinds of war axes give the “cool” factor to praise their strength.
This product is that hatchet is an apparatus for felling trees or cleaving wood and so on comprising of an overwhelming head straightened to an edge on one side, and a handle connected to it or hatchet can be (age-old) the hub of a wheel while tomahawk is a hatchet/hatchet utilized by Native American (first countries) warriors.
What more? We recommend that you insure this product in a case of any damage. But note, insurance is just optional.

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