Cold Steel Commercial Chefs Knife 10.0 in Blade -

Weight 0.84 lbs
Dimensions 18.25 × 2.75 × 2.50 in

Cold, Steel





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Product description
Commercial Chefs Knife 10.0 in Blade -Cold Steel
The 10 inches blade comes without a sheath but then a very good handle. The chef knife is exactly what any chef whether private or commercial yearns to have in his/her set of cooking utensils.
The blade of the chef knife is the famous 4116 steel. It is reasonably resistant to corrosion and a long lasting toughness. The knife is carved from razor-sharp cryo-quenched German 4116 Steel and it can be easily re-sharpened.
The handle is made of polymer. Polymer is a synthetic plastic with several features. Handles made of the polymer have a smooth non-porous surface and are easy to clean. The polymer has a high-temperature tolerance. The polymer in the handle ensures it stays long and retains a firm grip.
The cold steel company spends ample time researching the most suitable knife and knife handles. Taking into consideration the long hours’ chefs cook under heat and much hand sweat, they designed a handle for the chef knife. The handle is designed to be firm despite being held by dry or a rather wet hand.
So, for all butchers, chefs, and cooking enthusiasts, the chef is the ideal tool.

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