Cold Steel Frontier Hawk Hatchet Drop-Forged 22 Tomahawk

Weight 1.38 lbs
Dimensions 22.00 × 6.50 × 1.25 in

Cold Steel


1055 Carbon, Deep Forged


American Hickory




Frontier Hawk







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The Frontier Hawk Hatchet from
Cold Steel is great to be used in any kind of period re-enacting from the
begging of the French and Indian War all the way to the very last days of the Wild
West in the late 19th century. The frontier hawk is authentic,
deadly, good-looking, and a seriously tough weapon that is going to give you endless
fun. It is lightweight, meaning you don’t get any strain on your wrist,
shoulder, or elbow. However, you still have a done of cutting power and
chopping potential with the easy handle. This is ideal for tight close quarters
combat because the frontier hawk can be wielded at incredible speeds while
dealing significant impact damage to flesh, bone, and everything between. It
can even be thrown to inflict long-distance damage across the battlefield!

This awesome tomahawk/hatchet is manufactured
from the best drop-forged carbon steel. Drop forging means that you are getting
a 100% deadly weapon that will do serious damage on impact. Drop forging also
gives the hatchet an incredibly sharp edge for cutting. A metal ingot is heated
during the process of forging and then shaped using a complex series of special
dies. The dies are large and steel and are fixed to huge air-compressed
hammers. Each of the dies then hammers the super hot metal into a finished
shape gradually, the steel being kneaded and worked and compressed into a
totally homogenous piece that makes the structure of the grain uniform and
minimizes any gas pockets or other kinds of imperfections that might ruin the
otherwise perfect construction of the tomahawk/hatchet, which is hand forged.

Because of the already stated
intense method of construction, the frontier hawk hatchet from Cold Steel is a
quality and nearly indestructible product. The hammer face and the slicing edge
are both fully hardened and the balance is fairly soft, allowing the handle to
absorb most of the shock from your powerful blows.

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