walking stick lucky dragon cold steel 39.55

Weight 2.20 lbs
Dimensions 39.00 × 6.00 × 2.00 in

Cold Steel





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Product Details
colour: Red
Total length: 39,55 inches
Material: 1 lb. 10.0 oz
4.625-inch dragon-shaped head
Perks: Built from dark grey polypropylene which will never deform, break, fester or fade. Great for walking or hiking, and also a powerful tool of self-defence.

For decades, the mythical dragon stole man’s imagination, with Asian myths depicting them as benevolent beings. A dragon is a fearsome being with incredible physical qualities that command respect all over the board. Cold Steel has therefore chosen to use the dragon as the model for this amazing walking stick as a result. It is designed from the archive of their president after an ornately carved Dragon Stick and is replicated utilizing expensive, hand-graved injection moulded parts. The Dragon Walking Stick is red in colour and sinuous in shape and design, it provides moderate to medium aid and a range of grasp choices rendering it uniquely appropriate as a stability aid and also a reliable ally in a scenario of urgent self-defence. The design is incredible, with scales covering the entire length of the winding shaft and a menacing face with growling fangs, it’s an impressive stick with which you’ll be pleased to be seen with on virtually every occasion. It is made from the highest grade of heavy-impact polypropylene, accessible like several other walking sticks from Cold Steel, guaranteeing its impermeability to the elements and making sure it is almost invulnerable.

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