Cold Steel Spetsnaz 30 inches overall length Trench Shovel

Weight 2.26 lbs
Dimensions 30.00 × 6.50 × 1.75 in

Cold, Steel





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Product Description
The multifaceted shovel is designed to perform as many tasks as possible when improvised for use in important circumstances. The shovel is a military-grade type, a decent tool for digging various types of holes, pruning tree parts, light bush clearing, and a canoe paddle as need might require.
The sharp edges of its blade are of good grind and well sharpened. The blade is a high-grade carbon material. The carbon and iron combination gives the blade enough tensile strength to penetrate thick surfaces, hard soil without bending. The blades are easy to sharpen.
The shovel is recommended not only for military personnel but also for professional security agents and for camping expedition of different types and forms. It could be also purchased for some do-it-yourself activities, and for emergency circumstances and events.
The grip is a hickory version. The strong wooden handle is renowned for its hardness and durability. The sturdy handle is fixed tightly to the head of the blade to prevent sudden removal that might cause possible damage. The handle finish is designed to be impermeable to water and any liquid to avoid absorption resulting in damage to the wood.
The cold steel company the manufacturer of the knife are masters of cutlery, knife, and other blade related weapons. Based in the United States, they have produced stellar tools for several years and continue to maintain their integrity. Since 1980, the cold steel has championed the manufacturing of improved and modern applicable equipment.

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