Cold Steel Kobun 5.5 Fixed Blade Boot Knife Tanto Point-Plain Edge

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 6.25 × 1.00 in

Secure-Ex Sheath


Cold Steel


AUS 8A/Polished


Black Kraton








Fixed Blade Knife



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Cold Steel Knives presents the Kobun as one of the highest quality boot knives in the Tanto style available for purchase today. The Kobun is a traditional Japanese martial underworld in which the word “Kobun” translated into the English word “soldier.” The name is extremely suitable for this knife because the Kobun was originally designed to act as a good and tough soldier. The profile of the Kobun resembles very closely Cold Steel’s Master Tanto, only it has a much thinner blade and its main priority is to be a lightweight and effective boot knife. The Kobun comes featured with, like Cold Steel’s Tanto line of knives, the classic Tanto-style reinforced point. The reinforced point will contrast greatly compared to most of the boot knives that are available to be bought today, since they are famous for having very easily broken paper-thin points. These points can also be bent or to snap right off. However, this will never happen with the Kobun. The Kobun has a point that is almost 100% resistant to any breaking or bending because the spine of the blade is reinforced and super thick, and the spine runs nearly to the very top of the blade’s tip. Plainly, this means your boot knife is not going to snap and the point won’t bend when you try to pierce something. The handle of the Kobun is a Kraton style that is checkered deeply. The handle is designed to provide the most bulk with the absolute maximum surface for secure gripping.  The cross section of the Kobun was made to be very thin, only ½ inches approximately. The cross section is also contoured, making sure it will resist shifting or turning when used in the hand. Coming included in with the Kobun Knife is a very attractive Secure-Ex Sheath. The blade is 5.5 inches long and the weight is only 4.4 ounces.

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