Corbon DPX 40 S 140 Grain 1,200 FPS

Weight 0.94 lbs
Dimensions 3.20 × 2.50 × 1.40 in



40 S&W




Deep Penetrating X bullet





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Corbon ammunition displays unparalleled performance when compared against other kinds of defense ammunition saturating the market today. One of the reasons behind this superiority is Corbon’s homogenous solid copper projectile. These projectiles are perfect at penetrating heavy barriers without losing much velocity, like glass and steel. The greatness of DPX ammunition is that it retains a full 100 percent of its weight upon passing through a barrier like glass or steel. These are 100% pure copper bullets. There have been serration cuts added internally as opposed to the classical serrations of the exterior, which allow the pure copper bullet to expand massively to over double its diameter, flaring into six brutally pointy petals. This DPX ammunition is made for the 40 S&W. You can expect 1,200 feet per second with 140 grain DPX (which stands for deep penetrating X). There are 20 rounds found in every box.

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