Davis Whale Tail Extra Large Aluminum Stabilizer and Ski Boat Fin

Weight 3.70 lbs
Dimensions 15.50 × 13.75 × 1.00 in

Davis, Instruments





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Product Description
This unique product that you have here increases the delivery level of any desired outdoor motorboat. This product comes with a fin that possesses a different hydrodynamic mechanism that prolongs at the back of the product’s prop in order to use an energy wash for the prop, a mechanism which in most cases is not always found.
What then is the function of the tail of this product? It actually converts the energy produced into a propeller for instant reaction in a case where the throttle is used. In what situations and conditions is this product best put into use? It would interest you to know that you can best use it in saltwater or a freshwater environment in order to get the optimal performance from your boat.
What more can you get from this wonderful product? It is just fantastic when it comes to saving you had and it also actually attains top speed. It would actually surprise you to know that the installation of this product takes just 15 minutes, yes, just minutes. More so, it is very easy to set up. The product us actually composed of strong and durable aluminium and stainless steel materials.

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