DeSantis Black Nemesis Holster Glock for S&W Ruger with Laser (Ambidextrous)

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 9.80 × 5.85 × 1.00 in






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Product Details
Low tension draw
Has an outline which is broken up by foam
Fits Glock 26,27 w/ CTC LG-436 – Ruger LC9 w/ Lasermax

This Nemesis Holster has unquestionably added a new dimension to pocket holsters. At no other time has there been a material this gooey and viscous. This pocket holster will by no means move out of position in your front pocket. Within is made of a smooth pack fabric for a low grinding draw, and the centre is the perfect measure of foam to separate the layout of the firearm. These holsters are formed into a secluded framework, where you can utilize them IWB, in your pocket, or even on your lower leg. The outside skin is a super non-slip material that, with a little weight, holds fast to pretty much anything. That external material joined with the internal shut cell foam and the inward liner keeps your gun and the holster safely set up. In the pocket, it works like some other pocket holster. Be that as it may, when you threaten to use the firearm, the external layer gets within your pocket. Furthermore, with use and body heat, your Nemesis Holster will fit in with your specific weapon, making it uniquely fit.

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