DeSantis Gunhide Thumb Break Scabbard Belt Holster 3 Colt Python-S Right Hand-Black

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 7.00 × 6.00 × 2.00 in

DeSantis Gunhide




S&W L Frame 3


Right Hand






Thumb Break Scabbard


Belt Holster



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This is a seriously high-quality belt holster from DeSantis. These guys have been making the best holsters for gun enthusiasts all over the world for many years. The thumb break scabbard holster is manufactured to ride high and to have a draw angle that is optimal for quick drawing and comfort. There is a tension device that will keep your weapon secured firmly in place even when you are moving fast or running. There is also a thumb break on this holster. The exact molding will allow the DeSantis Scabbard Holster to conceal your weapon while you are carrying it. This makes it ideal for people who will be in everyday civilian activities with their weapons and need to be discreet. The belt slots will allow you to use any belt that is up to 1.75” wide. The belt holster is constructed using premium leather to ensure comfort while it is close against your body. The color is black and the holster is unlined. You can use this holster for many years because it has a strong, durable, and resistant construction.

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