DeSantis Black Die Hard Ankle Rig for S&W MP Shield (Right Hand)

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 4.30 × 1.75 × 0.90 in






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Product Details
Extremely thick leather lined holster
Customary thumb break
Fits S&W M&P Shield 9/40
Draw: Right Hand

This mix of materials used for the Die Hard Ankle Rig holster was initially intended for Government Law Implementation with life span and execution as essential concerns. It comes with a leather lining smooth enough to ensure that the weapon’s finish and offers a snappy, silky draw. It is worked from top grain saddle leather and completed outwardly with a really intense PU covering. The ankle holster includes an extreme top grain cowhide fixed holster with a customary thumb break that has been connected to a neoprene leg band. A calf tie and boot extender are discretionary. Designed to retain pistols and using a mechanical method of active retention which can be manually engaged or disengaged by the user. This fastidiously shaped holster is both attractive and truly agreeable. With its great quality and perfect fit, this product is an outstanding addition to your collection. Its longevity due to the beautifully designed structure makes it a feature which you cannot overlook. It has additional advantages of allowing for quick re-holstering as well as contributing to the concealment of your gun, which are obvious values you expect from a unique holster. Available in Black.

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