DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide-Glock (Right Hand)

Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 7.00 × 1.90 in






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Product Details
Optimal draw angle
Fits Glock 17,19,22,23,26,27,31,32,33,36
Draw: Right hand

The Thumb Break mini slide holster highlights premium saddle leather, twofold creases, an exceptional point by point-shaped fit, and an uncovered gag. Additionally includes a flexible pressure gadget. The two-space holster obliges belts up to 1-3/4″ wide. Designed to retain pistols and using a mechanical method of active retention which can be manually engaged or disengaged by the user. It has additional advantages of allowing for quick re-holstering as well as contributing to the concealment of your gun, which are obvious values you expect from a unique holster. The exact moulding groups with a thumb break and strain screw gadget to hold your gun safely. The Speed Sheath is intended to address the issues of casually dressed experts inclining toward a holster with a thumb break while as yet giving gun maintenance. The pistol enjoys real success and is positioned at the perfect edge of the draw. The thumb break and precise embellishment, along with a strain gadget, take into account a safe and extremely concealable conveyance. The Speed Sheath is intended to address the problems of casually dressed experts who are inclined towards a thumb break holster while still giving maintenance to the gun. Made in the USA

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