DeSantis Summer Heat Inside the Waistband Holster Ruger LCP-LCP II-KEL-TEC P#AT Right Hand-Tan

Weight 0.19 lbs
Dimensions 7.00 × 5.00 × 1.50 in

DeSantis Gunhide




Keltec P3AT/Ruger LCP/Ruger LCP II




Right Hand






Summer Heat


Inside Waistband Holster



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DeSantis has designed and created their A+ Summer Heat Inside the Waistband Holster to be a basic, barebones, no-frills type of holster. This is a great unit for people who like to carry their weapon simply without any annoying bells or whistles. You are even able to carry this holster discreetly, concealing your weapon during everyday carrying of your firearm. It has a seriously slim profile that will fit comfortably inside of your pants without any itching chafing. The holster is secured using a powder-coated spring clip of metal. This spring clip will lock right onto your belt to keep the holster in place, no wiggling or getting loose. The Summer Heat Holster is crafted from premium, hand-selected saddle leather. This makes sure you are going to be getting the most out of this holder, both in performance and in longevity. Then again, every holster from DeSantis is going to grossly outlive the competition. The holster is molded to precision, making sure it will match the precise contours of whichever gun it was designed to carry. The fit of your firearm will be 100% secure. It will never come loose or fall out, and the draw is always going to be fast and easy. The mouth is reinforced to prevent any possibility of snagging. This also makes re-holstering your weapon super simple.

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