Do-It Molds Hotpot-2 for pouring lead

Weight 2.66 lbs
Dimensions 11.40 × 4.45 × 3.95 in

Do-It Molds





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Product details
. improved usage of life
. dimensions: 3″ × 13⁄4″
. 4lb. lead capacity
. heat resistant plastic handles
. power: 120volts, 500watts

Product details
The Do-it moulds hotspot 2 is a re-engineered and enhanced version of the conventional electric ladle. It has been greatly improved with added features that make it exceptional. The hot pot 2 is a versatile product which does a dual work of melting and pouring the melted lead which makes it is quite easy to use. The dimensions are 3” by 13⁄4″ and the cast iron pot has a capacity to contain up to 4lb of lead. This new version of the heating element can now be mounted externally which extends the life of the product to a very great extent making it a super durable one. Other added features of the hotspot 2 include a heat resistant plastic hand which makes it comfortable for carriage without hurting the carries hands. It also includes a metal stand and a three-foot cord. The lead melter has a power capacity of up to 120 volts and 500 Watts. It is the ideal product for beginners as it does not require buying any additional products and it is easy to transport and use.

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