Electric Fillet Knife Heavy Duty- Rapala

Weight 1.78 lbs
Dimensions 15.70 × 5.95 × 2.65 in






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Electric Fillet Knife Heavy Duty- Rapala
Standard fillet knives are fast, however, the Electric Fillet Knife Heavy Duty is 3 times the speed of the standard knives. Comes with a long plug, giving the user ample and enough distance to roam while using the knife.
The heavy-duty rotor effectively moves the blade, when connected to a power source, it powers with a voltage of about 110v.
The handle is designed to be strong, durable, allows a firm grip despite vibration.
The electric blades make cutting huge bits of meat simpler. At the point when utilized appropriately, they require little exertion and can eliminate cutting time on everything from turkeys, brisket, or even broiled chicken. They’re likewise incredible for bread.
The electric blade fits easily in the hand, it is anything but difficult to utilize and work with. Once connected to electricity, it will run continuously until its unplugged.
The heavy-duty motor in it boosts its slice through sensitive skin without tearing to make razor-slim cuts. The blades leave insignificant markings on meat and can be utilized for anything from vegetables, to bread, to cheddar.

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