Ergo AR-M4 Handguard Forward Rail Carbine Handguard Extension Quad Rail

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 × 5.25 × 2.50 in

Black ERGO LowPro Rail Covers


Ergo Grip









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Ergo offers one of the most advanced quad-rail handguard systems on the entire planet. This is a high-quality, long-lasting, very effective product that can greatly enhance your shooting experience with any AR or M4 weapon. The quad-rail handguard from Ergo will lock inside of a standard-type A1 or A2 frontward sight base. This will allow installation without any need to modify anything else about the firearm. There are even LowPro rail covers that come fully included in the package. Ergo’s awesome forward rail for AR and M4 platforms is a highly versatile stand-alone system of rail for weapons that use a normal A1 or A2 front sight base. It lets picatinny rail mounted accessories be attached easily at the forward of where the front sight base is. These features give very extended handhold options for shooters. This model is black. It is the best.

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