ESS Gray coloured Crossbow One with Microfiber carry bag

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Dimensions 6.50 × 3.25 × 2.75 in






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Product Description
The crossbow one gray is the ideal product recommended by even the military in the protection of the eye when using the crossbow due to its ease of operation and durability. It features a Tri-Tech fit frame that ensures comfortability when worn, ease of removal and zero pressure points. The lens of the crossbow one gray does not fog due to the innovative engineering of the Clear Zone Technology, it does not scratch and can protect the user from extreme weather conditions with relation to wind, dust, airborne debris. The ESS Crossbow one lens comes in a gray color and the frame comes in black color, it is tough and resistant to conditions such as rust and corrosion due to the brilliant finishing that was employed during the designing. The crossbow one gray utilizes the DedBolt Lens Lock pivot that provides easy release when you are ready to change the tint and the rock-solid impact it clamps down. With the objective distortion provided by ESSOPTICS, there is a precise vision of the crossbow one gray that gives a non-distorted high-quality view on being employed. The crossbow one gray is 100% UVA and meets Mil-PRF-32432, it also has a microfiber carry bag for easy transportation

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