ESS Eyewear Deluxe Kit 740-0388 Crossbow Suppressor 2X

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 in

ESS, Eyewear





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Product details
The ESS Crossbow Suppressor is the main scene outline intended for use with ear cup hearing security and specialized gadgets. Highlighting Z-Twist Geometry, the casing’s ultra-flimsy sanctuary arms assist keep with noising out by limiting the impact on the cushioned seal of ear cups. The thin sanctuaries dispose of the problem areas and weight focuses that regularly happen when ordinary eyewear is worn under ear cups. The Silencer outline is perfect with all Crossbow focal points. These 2.4mm Polycarbonate focal points include bending free ESSOPTICS and ClearZone FlowCoat innovation to battle hazing within and scratches outwardly. The edge’s DedBolt Focal point Lock gives fast focal point exchange and unshakable maintenance under effect. The DedBolt technology lens lock technology allows you quick and simple release when you need to change tints. It then allows you to clamp it down if you need very solid retention when there is an impact. The Crossbow Silencer 2X Grand Pack incorporates the Ultra-slight Crossbow Silencer outline with a Reasonable focal point, the Tri-Tech Fit Crossbow outline with a Howdy Def Copper focal point, the compatible smoke dim focal point, zippered hard case, small scale fibre pocket, wool focal point sleeve, Snap-on flexible maintenance lash, ESS U.S. Banner sticker, and Crossbow guidance booklet.

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