Fab Defense Rubberized Pistol Grip AK47 Black

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Dimensions 9.00 × 5.00 × 2.00 in









Grip, Pistol



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rubberized pistol grip from Fab Defense is one of the newest and best additions
in their famous line of pistol grips. It comes with a rubberized multi-texture
grip to enhance your experience with your weapon and make firing your weapon
more comfortable. The contour of this model is even more impressive than the
older models of Fab Defense’s pistol grips, giving you an amount of comfort you
can hardly imagine! There is even proper ventilation on the grip, making sure
it is still going to maintain its quality in scorching heat, pouring rain, or
environments that are extra moist. This gives you a special edge in combat
scenarios since you can manipulate your firearm with complete control.

rubberized pistol grip is constructed from mil-spec polymer composite that is
greatly reinforced. It also has a superb coating and a rubber over-mold. In
fact, this pistol grip has three different kinds of rubber textures. It is rib
studded at the palm, alligator pattern where your front fingers will rest, and
moon surface pattern on the sides. This provides you grip power that is
unmatched with any other pistol grip on the market. It even comes with a
storage area where you can keep small items behind the tightly sealed hinge
door. The beavertail is extended.

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