Federal Fusion Remington Magnum 7MM 175 Grain Soft Point

Weight 1.56 lbs
Dimensions 6.60 × 3.50 × 1.40 in



7MM Remington






Boat Tail



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Federal’s Fusion line of ammunition is perfect for the hunters out there. This ammunition is packed with a special bullet that is ideal for big game hunting, especially deer. The bullets come equipped with an electrochemically bonded lead core to a jacket of copper, which eliminates any chance of the jacket separating from the core. These boat tail rifle bullets have a small dimple in their nose which provides spectacular accuracy and a monumental terminal performance that radiates a lethal shock across the entire target upon contact. The energy of this is utilized through a retention of mass weight, Federal’s super secret tip-skiving procedures, and premium bullet integrity. Non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases – the Fusion ammo is specially designed for deer hunting and is the very best around. When compared to the competition, Fusion offers the greatest expansion and most weight retention. The jacket is molecularly fused, and it has a core that is pressure-formed. This means there will be an explosive transfer of energy on contact with your target. Fusion are unmatched in terms of their expansion potential in the long range and their destructive capabilities in the short range. Fantastic ballistic coefficients are gained through a flawless center of gravity. For long shots, there will be less drop – and more accuracy in short range firing. Remington Magnum 7MM, firing at 2,760 feet per second, 175 Grain Fusion soft point, each box with 20 rounds.

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