Federal Heavyweight Tungsten Super Shot 410 Gauge - #9 shot 1,100 FPS 3 Shotshell

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 3.00 × 2.50 × 1.00 in



410 Gauge 3


PTSS419F 9


Heavyweight TSS





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Federal’s high-power tungsten shot is a sure way to get more bang at a longer distance. The payload in each heavyweight cartridge has the very highest count of pellets possible – double the same ammunition of other brands of the same weight. In science words, the tungsten-alloy is twenty-two percent more than the standard tungsten, with an amazing fifty-six percent more lead. This means a huge blast of energy and some extreme velocity for long-range shooting. Federal’s new heavyweight ammunition comes with a rear-breaking wad that will perform perfectly through standard and ported turkey chokes, giving the shooter a consistent and lethal pattern. This model of ammo is for 410 Gauge, running at 1,100 feet per second. #9 Shot and 3” shotshell with 5 rounds in every box.

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