Federal Premium 300 WSM 165 Grain Nosler Partition Ammunition 20 Round Box

Weight 1.56 lbs
Dimensions 8.30 × 3.10 × 1.70 in



300, Magnum, Short, Winchester






Nosler, Partition



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The Nosler Partition ammunition from Federal Premium is a seriously
high-class ammo that is going to keep you shooting straight every time. The
bullet comes loaded with the Federal Premium line of powders and charges and it
is a consistent, reliable, and very powerful round. The lead core on the inside
of the bullet is partitioned, allowing the front portion of the bullet to be
able to mushroom once it impacts the target while still keeping the back
portion of the bullet solidly intact. This results in a very tough and deep
penetration, putting a stop to whatever you’re firing at. The velocity is great
and there are 20 rounds inside of each box. Pick up this ammunition today to
have the best possible shooting experience.

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