Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS 20-Gauge #7-9 Shot 3 Shotshells 5 Round Box

Weight 0.69 lbs
Dimensions 3.50 × 3.00 × 0.80 in



20, 3, Gauge


79, PTSSX295F


Heavyweight, TSS





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With the Heavyweight TSS Shotshells from Federal Premium, you are
getting some of the toughest turkey-killing ammunition ever conceived. This
stuff is going to kill gobblers at a much longer distance than you ever thought
imaginable. It packs a huge payload of very heavyweight tungsten style super
shot, giving you the absolute premium in high pellet counts. The pellet count
is almost double the pellet count that comes with other lead loads that are the
exact same or similar weight. The tungsten alloy is approx. 18gm/cc in density,
which is an amazing 22% greater and better than the tungsten standard and 56%
better than what you find with lead shots. What you get is a shotshell that is
going to pack a massive punch with furious energy, all while doing so at a
velocity that is unmatched in shotguns, and a range that was almost impossible before
this amazing ammunition. There is a unique Flitecontrol Flex wad that is rear
breaking to perform excellently through turkey chokes that are ported or
standard to give you a pattern which is deadly and consistent with every shot.

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