Federal Premium Train 230 Grain

Weight 2.44 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 3.15 × 1.50 in



45 ACP




Train & Protect


Verastile Hollow Point



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Federal brings innovation onto the table with its premium line of Train and Protect ammunition, combining the accuracy and high-performance of ammo meant for the range with an immediate expansion of premium quality self-defence ammo. This ammunition has a hollow point design that is extremely versatile. Each round is built upon Federal’s well-known performance in the technology of hollow point development. These are also affordable. Use as many as you want at the range without breaking the bank. These hollow points will provide the shooter with higher accuracy than normal full metal jackets because they have more terminal performance than the other hollow points in the same class. This translates to consistent accuracy with shot placement when visiting the range – and better confidence when using this same ammo for reasons of self-defence. All legally armed residents should use this ammunition for their personal carrying weapon. Train and Protect is the most premium ammo around, perfect for emergency situations. Be sure to stock your magazine with this ammo every day. Designed for .45ACP, firing at 850 feet per second with 230 Grain hollow point and 50 rounds.

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