Firefield Impact XL Reflex Sight

Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 7.00 × 3.25 in






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The Impact
XL from Firefield is an impressively compact unit designed to be one of the
best reflex sights that you can put onto a modern-day sports rifle or shotgun.
This reflex sight is going to give you super quick acquisition of your targets and
an eye relief that is absolutely unlimited, giving you even quicker aiming and
capturing of your targets. The Impact XL Reflex Sight comes with four different
options for reticles and five different options for brightness levels. All of
these amazing options give you the ultimate reflex sight that can adapt to any situation.

Impact XL Reflex Sight comes fully resistant to water and 100% shockproof. The
reflex sight is very strong and comes housed inside of an aluminum cast unit
that is durable and will stand up against time. The reflex sight can also
withstand massive amounts of recoil from firearms that are up to as much as
.308 caliber. The Impact XL is lightweight and doesn’t weigh more than 5.6
ounces, which means it won’t be bulky on your weapon. The reflex sight runs on
a single battery.

inside of this package is a cover of neoprene, one battery, and tools for adjustments.
The lens is corrected with parallax. The adjustment value is 1MOA with a very
strong battery life of between 25 and 120 hours. The objective lens is 33×24
with an elevation adjustment range of 120. The color of this unit is matte
black. The unit can operate at a temperature of -17 F to 49 F, making it
excellent for uses in harsh climates. The reticle is red with four patterns: 5
MOA dot, 50 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot, 50 MOA crosshair with 3 MOA dot, and a
30 MOA circle/crosshair with a 3 MOA dot.

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