Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster PX4

Weight 0.36 lbs
Dimensions 9.95 × 5.95 × 3.40 in






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Product Description
This fobus holster is one with a modern tech built in for ease of use and durability. This is a PX4 edition. This series has a tension adjustment screw which would make for the user to align his convenience of presentation and safety of the new design.
When choosing a weapon holster, why should you go for the evolution series? It Is not uncommon to see that some holsters you find around are not as comfortable to have on, and also they end up damaging and also heating up your weapon. But the superb evolution series is not like that. First, it is made up heat resistor that would jeep the user and the weapon safe from the heat emission of the weapon. It is also made in a way that would make for comfort when you put it on. Then again, the evolution series gives your weapon a steady and firm hold so as to repel falling and sequential damage of your weapon. What more, you could also insure this holster, in you actually wish too. This insurance covers and sudden damage or non-functionality not caused by you. It comes with a quite affordable insurance package.

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