Fobus Magazine Pouch 6909NDP

Weight 0.33 lbs
Dimensions 9.50 × 5.70 × 3.10 in






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Product Description
This product is a one-material kind of holster. It has flexible retention screws that allow the user to customize the holster retention pressure. This product comes with an amazing lifetime warranty. The focus should then be assured of its quality.
While picking a weapon holster, for what reason should you go for the Fobus magazine pouch? It is normal to see that a few holsters you find around are not a solace to have on and furthermore they wind up harming and furthermore warming up your weapon. In any case, the wonderful development arrangement isn’t that way. To start with, it is made up heat resistor that would keep the client and the weapon safe from the warmth emanation of the weapon. It is likewise made in a manner that would make for comfort when you put it on. On the other hand, the magazine pouch gives your weapon a consistent and firm hold in order to put off falling and successive harm to your weapon. What more, you could likewise protect this holster, in you really wish as well. This protection covers and abrupt harm or non-usefulness not brought about by you. It accompanies a very moderate protection bundle.

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