Gas Dampened Hyskore DLX Precision Shooting Rest

Weight 20.85 lbs
Dimensions 26.30 × 17.00 × 7.30 in






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Product details
Height:8 inches
Width: 24 inches
Depth: 12 inches
Weight: 13lbs
Perks: Convenient to transport, Portable, Support .25-06 up to .375 H&H, Nitrogen filled compression, Tubular steel construction, Magnetic bubble, Remote hydraulic trigger release

The Gas Dampened Hyskore DLX Precision Shooting Rest is manufactured using welded steel which gives it durability and resistance to rust, corrosion, and weather. This resistance is further heightened by the powder coating on the welded steel. The DLX shooting rest works to absorb recoil produced by the gun or firearm using the compression damper technology which works in an opposing way when compared to what others use (others shooting rests use heavyweight for the absorption of recoil). The ability to absorb the recoil action extremely reduces the destruction of the gun, the stock or the bedding. When a shot is completed the gun goes back to battery and it is returned to target. Using this compression damper technology, the DLX can handle a.270 win to a.375 h & h. the compression damper technology is nitrogen filled and the DLX operates a hydraulic trigger release that is remotely controlled. This is done to remove any element of contamination as a result of human interaction.

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