Geissele AR-15-M4 556-223 Caliber Reaction Rod

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 11.40 × 1.50 × 1.30 in

Automatics, Geissele





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This is a fantastic little tool from Geissle. The reaction rod for 556 and 223 calibers is great to remove and install barrels, gas blocks, flash hiders, and handguards super easily and quickly. No more hassle!  The reaction rod is specially designed to be clenched in a vise on a bench so that it is either vertical or horizonal. The upper receiver can then be slid straight onto the rod and the integral splines of the rod will then enter the extension of the barrel and stop it from turning. This process will let every bit of torque from the barrel nut style wrenches to flow straight into the extension of the barrel. Contrastingly, receiver vise blocks work to transfer the force of the turning straight into the aluminum receiver, a whole lot of which goes through the tiny, easy to distort receiver index pin. With this fabulous reaction rod from Geissele, you will eliminate any marring or scratching of the upper receiver’s finished coating due to twisting or gripping inside nasty vise blocks. You also eliminate any need to remove mounts or sights from the receiver’s 1913 style rail. This is a Streamlight process that is just great for saving time and energy. The rod is built from 4140 chrome moly steel.

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