Geissele Super 42 Buffer Spring-Buffer Combo Braided Wire AR-15

Weight 0.44 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 1.50 × 1.50 in

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Buffer Spring



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This unique and very well-built buffer spring and buffer combination kit from Geissele was constructed and designed to enhance the functionality and dependability of your AR-15 rifle. There is a unique design for the spring that utilizes three strands of independent wire just lik the original MG42 German Machine Gun. The concept works as a harmonic sort of damper and absorber of energy by letting the springs flex separately from one another. This flexing works to displace any excess energy, therefore decreasing the possibility of there being a failure with the spring. It also works to make your AR-15 rifle much more dependable. The Geissele Super 42 Spring, when stacked against the stock spring, has a lowered tendency to lose its length and also force over a certain round count. There is also an added bonus that this unit will remove the reverberations of the spring that can be quite annoying. It also gets rid of the stupid twang sound that is felt and heard by the user through their weapon’s buttstock. The Super 42 Spring comes with a return force that is 15 percent tougher and stronger than that of a standard buffer spring. This will help with stripping lots of rounds from the mag when the shooter is operating a dirty or muddy weapon, or when the shooter is using ammo that has steel casings. Keep in mind that this buffer spring will not work with a rifle length buffer tube, an A5 buffer tube, or a receiver extension. It will work with AR-15s that have receiver extensions that are carbine length.

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