Genesis Orignal Right-handed Archery Bow

Weight 8.50 lbs
Dimensions 42.00 × 17.50 × 4.50 in






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A bow structured and designed to fit and be used by anyone of any age. The bow has a “Zero let-off” on light draw weights which allows it to be drawn without restriction, to any length. Its efficiency allows it to work with little force input, to release high output energy. The Genesis system allows a holding weight of about 10lbs to 20Lbs, necessary to pull the string from the fingers, making the shooting ability easy. The bow has just one cam, allowing no tuning problems, a much-reduced recoil, which ensures accurate shooting, and less noise. One of its advantages lies in the fact that it can be used by all ages, including kids. The bow is crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum, which responsible for its good mechanical properties and weldability. The bow also comes with a cable slide which holds the string away from the arrow’s line of fire, and a NAP flipper style arrow rest. The riser enhances optimum balance. The riser can also be drilled and tapped for accessories. Easy and enhanced effective shooting, a novice at archery can easily understand the basics with the bow. The bow is quite economical, in that it allows use amongst multiple users as it is not size restrictive. Schools, clubs, organizations, do not need to be bothered by draw length. Designed to last, with enhanced durability and in-built toughness, it has been structurally designed to withstand harsh treatment and misuse that result from use by multiple users. It is colored Red and specifically designed for right-handed users.

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