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Forend, Grip, Vertical



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The short vertical forend grip from GG&G comes with an ergonomic and
low-profile design without giving up any of its power or functionality. That
makes this great vertical grip an ideal feature on any close quarters combat
type of weapon. It also makes your weapon more compact. This is used well on
any M-16 platform or AR-15 platform, since vertical grips are such important
accessories in tactical situations with the military, with law enforcement
agents, and with civilians who like to be prepared. It gives you a whole bunch
of great advantages as a tactician, like how the muzzle climb is diminished
while you are creating burst fire with your weapon. The vertical grip also
helps to give you a shooting stance that is far more comfortable and stable.

This model is designed to be used with 1913 mil-spec rails and is ideal
for shotguns when breeching doors or for M4 carbines. There are zero tools
needed for adjusting this vertical grip when outside in the field. You don’t
even need tools to install it. This is an ideal upgrade if you want to use a style
of shooting like thumb-break. It will help you hold a firmer grip when there is
intense recoil, while also helping you switch between targets quicker because
of the fast maneuverability made possible with the grip. It comes crafted from
acetal solid black polymer for the best durability and the lowest possible absorption
of heat. There is an alignment window that will help make installation easier. The
whole unit weighs only 2.8 ounces.

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