Gorilla 300 Blackout 115 Grain Lehigh Controlled Chaos Ammunition 20 Round Box

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300, Blackout




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Lehigh Controlled Chaos ammunition line from Gorilla is one of the best new
ammos on the market. This ammunition is a lesson in terminal performance at its
maximum. Every last round comes free of lead with a copper projectile that will
break apart instantly upon its entry into any soft, squishy tissue – like on a
deer or a moose. The round will also create massive wound channels and multiple
wound channels, putting down the biggest animal quickly and effectively.

There are
between four and five fragments that will break and detach from the bullet
while the bullet’s base remains together to push the penetration to even deeper
depths. There are 20 rounds of this ammunition in each box. The velocity of
each bullet is supremely quick and devastating. Never leave home without a box
of intense Gorilla ammunition.

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