Green Bear Archery Brave Bow

Weight 3.80 lbs
Dimensions 28.00 × 12.00 × 4.10 in

Bear Archery





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The Green Bear Archery Brave Bow consists of two safety glass arrows; One armguard; 2 – piece arrow quiver; A Finger tab; A whisker biscuit arrow rest; One pin sight; One temporary tattoo.

This product has a bow that features 66 centimeters from one axle to another axle, 34.3 centimeters to 48.3 centimeters draw length, A maximum weight from 6.8 kilograms to 11.3 kilograms, a 14-centimeter brace height, a 65% let-off, Lasting composite limbs and rise.

This Green Bear Archery Brave Bow can only be effectively used by the right hand suggesting the use of this commodity is limited to right-handed people, this means this commodity is exclusively utilized with your right hand. The commodity is the United States’ leading emblem in juvenile and basic archery. The Green Bear Archery Brave Bow Set has been able to introduce more people into the sport of archery for over 80 years, which is a feat all other companies could not achieve. The device also ensures that rookie shooters have a very good opportunity of improving their craft and aptitude in sport and tradition. The recommended age range for the maximum use of this Bow is Eight years and above.

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