Grip-Pods Systems Vertical Forward LE Polymer Bipod Black

Weight 0.56 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 5.00 × 2.15 in

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The vertical
forward law enforcement polymer grip pod bipod system from Grip-Pods Systems is
going to save you a whole lot of hassle when handling your weapon. You can now
get rid of those annoying bipods that you have to clip manually onto your
weapon or fold into position. This bipod system comes built from the strongest
aerospace kinds of materials that all exceed the mil-spec levels for construction
and the finishing process. This means it is incredibly tough and will last you
and your weapon a long time. The bipod system will mount straight onto any
picatinny rail. Also, it may be possible to mount onto other sorts of rail systems
in the future. This system is so high-tech and useful that it is currently
being used all over the world by all kinds of special forces, like the Navy
Seals, the US Army, the US Army Special Force, the Designated Marksman, Secret Security,
US SOCOM, the FBI, plus even more government operators that we can’t even mention!
This is the preferred grip/bipod solution for use with designated rifles for
marksman in the US Army.

great system will give you a whole mess of advantages over an ordinary bipod.
This will give you speed that is drastically increased. Your accuracy is
improved, improved flexibility of your weapon, stronger than any other vertical
grip around, smaller than solutions that are not integrated. The retracted
bipod even works to reduce any possible entanglement, while the vertical grip
is famous for drastically enhancing the control you have over your weapon, boosting
accuracy and increasing speed in short range battles because you can acquire targets
faster and maneuver quicker. This is the best platform for soldiers and other
tacticians who use a large range of small weapons, like submachine guns, light
machine guns, or rifles.

The LE
model is designed specifically for law enforcement personnel. It shares a lot
of qualities with the military model, but the LE comes constructed with a
polymer leg (space age polymer) that makes the Grip Pod extremely lightweight.

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