Guard Dog X-Series 22 inches Heavy Duty Black coloured Metal Baton

Weight 1.19 lbs
Dimensions 10.63 × 2.63 × 2.63 in

Dog, Guard, Security





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Product Description

This Baron is made with aluminum alloy and a hard enforced body, throughout, the other parts of the baton is the like which can withstand impact to degree and far unimaginable distance, the guard dog x22 in baton usually provide one protection even for law and military use, and of course still available for the general public, which has the presence of a foam handle grip comfort, this metal gives nearly indestructible, and are built by the most skillful professional around the world, they coat the baton black, the X-series baton swings with force, yet closes with a simple glide into the body. The weight of the baton allows to carry, handle or hold, use at any pace desired, it is, of course, a heavy-duty metal of 22 in long, very comfortable, breathable handle, made out of standard steel, durable because of the aluminum alloy its made of, i is one of the toughest weapons in the world, it goes as long as breaking glass, doors and serve as a guard for dogs, you can’t electrocute yourself because you are of course the holder, it is a security equipment.

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