GunVault MiniVault Instant Access Safe

Weight 9.56 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 8.75 × 5.75 in



Mini, Vault







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The new
MiniVault gun safe from the experts in gun safety at GunVault is the newest and
most impressive gun safe on the market. This thing takes the idea of “easy
access” to the next level. You can now access your important handguns through
the MiniVault an astounding 20% quicker than the older models of the safe. This
is thanks to its amazing new slide-out drawer, which is fully automatic! The moment
you enter the proper code into the machine, the door of the safe will open
simultaneously and the auto-sliding drawer gives you instant access to the
weapon you desire. The auto-sliding drawer is even padded in foam to ensure
your weapons are cozy and undamaged.

you may be opening your safe in the dark or in lower lighted conditions, there
is a red LED light that works to illuminate the inside of your safe, allowing
you complete visibility when you really need it. The red light comes on and you
can instantly see your handgun positioned for access in the padded slide-out
drawer. The MiniVault from GunVault also comes with an innovative new “no-eye”
feature. This means that you can access your keypad even in pitch blackness
because the keypad comes with push activated buttons that are ergonomic and
illuminated. This boosts the quickness of your weapon retrieval. Also, there is
a set of spare keys included with the vault, just in case. The keys feature a
design with enhanced dimples.

The vault
itself is constructed from the heaviest, bulkiest, toughest, and most stand-up
steel that is available. This is a serious steel housing that is completely
resistant to tampering. The hinges are concealed to add even more security, and
the backup keys will always be there if you forget your code. The mounting
hardware is included. There is also an audible warning system for when you have
a low battery, but this function can be muted if you wish. The dimensions of
the safe are 8.3” x 12” x 5.48”. It weighs only 9.75 pounds.

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