Harris Engineering 6-9 Ultra-Light Bench Rest Swivel-Sling Swivel Bipod

Weight 0.88 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 4.50 × 2.00 in

Engineering, Harris













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This amazing bench rest swivel style of bipod from Harris Engineering is
the 6” to 9” version. It comes manufactured by using the highest quality parts
and components to make sure that the function is excellent and will continue to
offer sustainable usage for a long time to come. It will attach to just about
any stud that is sling swivel style. You are able to carry your weapon with
using a sling. Also, you are able to shoot with your off hand without any
impeding by the bipod because of its smooth and clever construction. It comes
with hinged bases that have adjustments to the tension, which works to eliminate
any of the possible looseness or tremors that can happen in the area of the crotch
of the bipod. The finish of this bipod is all-weather, black, and anodized.
This means it will stand up to all kinds of harsh and brutal conditions. You
are able to extend the legs from six inches to nine inches. The leg caps are
built of hard rubber, making the bipod extremely stable in all levels of
terrain. The bipod itself is aluminum and its components are solid steel.

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