Heatwave Goatskin Tan Leather Glove, Large in colour Gray

Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 × 5.00 × 1.50 in

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Product Description
The Heatwave Leather Glove is a product common with those trying to work in situations of extreme cold without the cold biting into their hands, therefore it is common with people who stay in country that have winters, among sportsmen that utilize snow such as skating, ice skating, and hockey. Its mechanism of operation of the glove is based on a dual-stage heating system, there is a kinetic stage that can convert energy emitted into heat so as to warm the hand, there is also a reflective stage in which radiated heat that is expected to be lost is reflected back to further warm the hand. The heatwave leather glove was made with Tan goatskin with heatwave thermodynamic lining that acts as an insulator further reducing the loss of heat while still protecting the hand from other conditions due to its durability and a low tendency of wearing and tearing. The Goatskin glove also has stretch spandex on the back of the hand so that it can be adjusted to fit. The Heatwave Leather Glove comes in a gray color and large size and has form fit cuff with gusset and is the perfect glove that covers its users based on dexterity and warmth.

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