Hogue Ruger 10-22 Standard Rubber Overmolded Buttstock Black

Weight 2.50 lbs
Dimensions 34.50 × 7.00 × 2.50 in








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Hogue presents the absolute finest in stocks with this fully functional standard rubber overmolded design for the Ruger 10 and 22 rifles. Some of the amazing features are the slim and smart design, the ultra-comfort palm swells, and the varminter-styled front that offers a cozier and more secure grip on the weapon. It comes fully loaded with sling swivel studs and an installation by means of simple drop. This will transform your ordinary firearm into a mega lethal and effective customized rifle. Non-slip, easy to hold, and an extremely smooth finish that is both attractive and robust. Not to mention, this is very quiet. The texture of this Hogue stock is Cobblestone, which is an exclusive texture of the company. It offers a stippling pattern that is both non-slip and also not annoying at all. The overmolded rubber stock is built by fusing a super tough and super rigid fiberglass-reinforced skeleton into something that fits the actions of your gun perfectly. The strong skeleton then is taken to the final process of being overmolded using a reliable, soft, synthetic rubber elastomer. The heat and pressure during the molding process causes the elastomer to adhere both mechanically and chemically to the tough skeleton. This results in a forever bond between the insert and the rubber. It is where the stock gets its hardy strength and toughness from – and the precision dimensions of the final mold are designed to drop-in effortlessly to your shotgun or rifle. This is a seriously state-of-the-art process, ensuring the longevity of your stock in countless years of reliable service. Highly resistant to oils and solvents that can damage other stocks.

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