Honeywell Impact Sport Bolt Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuffs Black

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 6.00 × 5.00 in



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Impact Sport







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Honeywell’s Bolt model of electronic earmuffs comes equipped with a whole list of amazing features. These earmuffs have been designed with a slim, very sleek low-profile earcup with cut-out to give total clearance with the stock of your firearm. They come with an external auxiliary input for an audio jack cord so that you can connect to your MP3 device or scanner. There is only one knob to control the on/off of the muffs and also the volume, adding to the convenience of the Bolt earmuffs. These are super compact with their fold design so that you can store them easily in your range bag. Another design bonus is the height adjustment feature, which has a padded and adjustable headband to provide a non-slip and snug fit. The black leatherette headband is also fitted with deluxe padding. The air flow control tech lets the user hear all normal conversations occurring at a low frequency while still protecting against sounds at very high frequencies. This translates to ambient sounds amplified at a reasonable 82dB, giving excellent sound quality in stereo. Above 82dB, the amplification is automatically turned off to keep hazardous noises out of your ear drums. A key feature in the Bolt model of earmuff is the digital sound compression. With these muffs you will receive five times the amplification of sound, therefore enhancing the lower level frequencies. All in all, these muffs are best used during range shooting indoors or when outside hunting to amplify important sounds while still dampening the dangerous impulse noise from gun fire.

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