Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuffs Pink

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Impact Sport





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When it comes to earmuffs, no one does it better than Honeywell. These are their all new, all tech, super enhanced Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuffs. They boost the awareness of the shooter by using an advanced technology in the field of sound amplification. What this means is that the user will hear all crucial information while wearing the muffs, such as alarms, warning bells, and the voices of associates, all at a perfectly safe level amplified into the muffs. This is accomplished by using positioned microphones to enhance natural hearing and also directional hearing. When the noise around you hits 82dB or higher, the Impact uses its impressive tech no revert into a passive mode, saving your eardrums. The amazing features of Honeywell’s Impact are endless. Directional microphones built-in, amplifying on-range human commands and important ambient sounds at an unharmful 82dB for naturalistic listening and improved communications. These muffs listen actively and will shut off their amplification once the ambience rises to 82dB. They have an extremely slim and super lightweight design of the earcups, which are also low profile and have a contoured pattern that won’t get in the way while shooting your weapon. This means total clearance from your stock. Also, the headband is adjustable to fit your head snuggly, and its sleek design folds for easy storing. The power and volume knob are fully integrated. Included in the package is an auxiliary input and a 2.5mm cord usable with MP3 and scanners. Also included are a pair of triple A batteries and an auto-off mechanism in case you forget to shut off the muffs after use. The battery life is roughly 350 hours, which is incredible. One size fits all. Noise reduction rating is a solid 22.

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