Hornady 2-Die Set for 22-250 Remington .224 Reloading Dies

Weight 1.38 lbs
Dimensions 7.00 × 5.00 × 1.50 in






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Everyone knows Hornady is the most well-respected names in the business. They have been a leader in ammunition innovation for years and years, producing the very best products and ammunitions. Hornady improves their die sets every single year, always coming out with fresh new ideas. These are the all-new manufacturer dies from Hornady, featuring a ton of special things like the new Zip-Spindle design or the Sure-Loc rings. There is also an elliptical expander and well-polished interiors. Hornady’s straight wall sizing dies come featured with a sizing ring coated in titanium. This “gold ring” will work to eliminate case sticking and it doesn’t even need to be lubricated! The coating is very hard and smooth and can be used effectively in high-wear tools or high-pressure tools to lessen the abrasion. This makes this die set ideal for resizing moderately soft pistol brass. It won’t scratch or mark your cases at all. Because there is less friction, there is also less wear being done to your cases. This equals a longer life for every case. Positive de-cap and easy adjustments are achieved by the spindle locking in place with a collect lock. The expander assembly on this model is threaded and replaceable. Case neck stretching and friction is reduced by the elliptical expander, as well as making easy the task of necking-up brass. The de-capping pin is hardened still and will not crack, break, or bend, even when you are de-priming the cases primer pockets that are crimped. The dies are locked into the proper position by using a Sure-Loc Lock Ring that has wrench flats and locking screws that will never come into contact with the threads. The retainer spring is lockable and can be removed almost instantly for a simple time disassembling and cleaning the die set. Included in this set is the sizing die, the expanding die, the bullet seater die with its own crimper, the Sure-Loc Rings with their Wrench Flats, and an Allen wrench that can be used for the locking rings. There is also a die box.

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