Hornady Dangerous Game 375 Ruger 300 Grain DGX Bonded Ammunition 20 Round Box

Weight 2.06 lbs
Dimensions 6.50 × 4.00 × 1.30 in



375 Ruger




Dangerous Game


DGX Bonded



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Hornady has stunned the entire shooting industry with these unbelievable Dangerous Game boxes of ammunition. This stuff is the real deal. Safari hunters are already in love with Hornady’s Interlock bullets and their Full Metal Jacket bullets, but now come the Dangerous Game series of bullets. These are the biggest and meanest bullets for safari hunting massive animals ever seen by any human ever! These bullets are constructed with a hard lead and antimony alloy cone, then encased by a steel jacket that is clad in copper. The bullets come complete with a flat meplat that gives massively straight penetration and creates a transfer of energy that is simply unbelievable. It transfers more energy upon impact than any other simple rounded bullet can offer. This Dangerous Game ammunition from Hornady is designed to be used when hunting down large game and when safari hunting. The cartridges can be found with many of Hornady’s classic bullets, like their 270 grain Interlock Spire Point that are recoil proof. Also, they can be found in their newly improved and enhanced DGS or DGX bullets. All the ammunition is going to work flawlessly in every rifle you load it into. Because there is such an intense amount of attention put into the development of the DGS and DGX bullets, you know the ammo is going to meet all the needs of any professional safari hunter. These are tailored to take down the biggest game on planet Earth. Also, you may use other ammunition like the 400/450 Nitro Express 3” or the Nitro Express 3 and ¼” because they are regulated correctly.

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