Hornady Lock N Load Ammo Concentricity Tool

Weight 3.94 lbs
Dimensions 13.00 × 6.12 × 4.75 in








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This awesome tool from Hornady is used to identify and then eliminate any kind of bullet wobble or runout. All you need to do is place the ammunition firmly into the tool, roll the tool, check the runout, then use the indicator dial and the thumbscrew to adjust it yourself. It really is that simple. No professional shooter should operate without this handy tool for their ammunition This ammo concentricity tool employs universal center that always make sure the alignment will be precise when considering almost all bottleneck type cartridges that are from 22 caliber all the way tp 45 caliber. The exact adjustment knobs are super easy to use and will let you to true up the runout of whatever cartridge you need. Also, the solid and strong frame of this great tool will bolt directly onto your best for the easiest use when machining at home.

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