Hornady Security Keypad Vault

Weight 6.44 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 10.50 × 4.50 in

Foam Interior











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Hornady is never lacking in their innovative security devices. This keypad vault is top of its line in protection models. The keypad is improved to allow easier programming of codes for the best in security. The housing, which is built from nearly unbreakable 16-gauge steel, will keep everyone from trying to attempt to pry your safe open. This vault is simply too tough. On the inside there are lights that make it easy to see everything you have stored the second you open the door. This is truly a handy piece of equipment for storing all your important things, like weapons or personal documents. The keypad code is programmable with 4-6 digits. The steel security cable which comes with the vault can withstand an intense 1,500 lbs of pure force. However, the space-saving technology means that the cable will never get in the way of your storage capacity. You still have tons of room to store all your valuables, while the steel cable can fix your vault to any stationary object, like a heavy piece of furniture or underneath your car seat. The inside is lined with premium foam that will cradle your valuables and keep them safe. The lid is spring assisted to allow the quickest and easiest access. There are systems that indicate to you a low battery level, both audibly and visibly. This is great for the hearing impaired. The vault comes equipped with two barrel style keys in case you ever need a backup method of entry. The entire unit only needs four AAA style batteries to work. These batteries are not included. The weight of this unit is 5 pounds. It has exterior dimensions of 12.0×8.3×2.6 inches.

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