Hornady Superformance .270 Winchester 140 Grain SST

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 3.50 × 1.25 in



270 Winchester









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Hornady’s Superformance line of ammunition goes beyond conventional ammunition to achieve the best performance of any marketed ammunition today by using the newest technology in bullet and ammo design. Hornady uses unique propellants to add a whole new level of performance and power to their favorited SST bullets. This is not attainable with other propellants that are more commonly used with other manufacturers. Where shooters used to have to employ an approach of brute strength when working with large charge weights and a slow-burning powder in a large cartridge case, that is no longer the situation. With Hornady’s Superformance, there is a significant decrease in recoil and also in muzzle blast. Superformance uses a clever and simplified approach with special powders that have normalized charge weights. What this means is that the possible energy of the bullet greatly reduces the rocket nozzle effect of the muzzle yet still dramatically increases the velocity. Superformance’s high-powered ammo is between one and two hundred feet per second faster than other brands of ammunition that are being sold today. They offer this impressive performance in every single gun they are fired from without any increase in the recoil felt, the blast of the muzzle, temperature sensitivity, fouling, or the accuracy lost. That means Superformance is okay to load into all weapons. Lever guns and pump action guns, and also semi-automatics. This top-brand ammunition adds power and strength and accuracy without increasing the wear of the barrel or the annoying recoil kick. They are also stable in temperature. This ammunition is .270 Winchester, fired at 3,090 FPS with 140 grain SST. 20 Rounds in each box.

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