Hornady Superformance Varmint 22-250 Remington 50 Grain V-MAX Ammunition 20 Round Box

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22-250 Remington




Superformance Varmint





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Hornady’s Superformance Varmint ammunition is a fantastic mix between Hornady’s ultra popular V-MAX bullets, which are tipped in polymer, and their Superformance series of ammo. This ammunition comes filled with the deadliest propellants that will increase your weapon’s velocity by anywhere between 100 and 200 feet per second. Wow! That’s an amazing addition of velocity compared to other popular ammo brands. What makes this increase even more amazing is that there will be no unwanted increases in the chamber pressure and no extra recoil felt – regardless of what caliber weapon you are using! However, there will be a dramatic uptick in efficiency, speed, performance, and accuracy. These loads are versatile enough that they will perform just great in every rifle, even in semi-automatic rifles. The V-MAX bullets used inside of this ammunition come with polymer tips that will increase accuracy and offer an expansion rate that is truly devastating. The tip will raise all of your ballistic coefficients to provide better velocity and to help keep the bullet stable when it is in flight. The tip also behaves like a wedge, as it will initiate the expansion of the bullet. The copper jacket works to provide a needed bearing surface that gives incredible stability straight out of the gun’s barrel. The jacket is also made to hold up strong against the twist rates that come with most of the advanced varmint-purposed rifles. The standard deviation is lower. The groups are tighter. The range is increased. The drift is less. This is the king of all varmint shooting ammos.

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